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When the club was dissolved April 10, 1999; this site was removed and put in storage. Fortumately - circumstances are that we are able to make the site available once again.

During it's six year history on the web It won over 60 awards - including prestigious awards from the:
The University of California, Berkely; and National Public Radio; (and is said to have inspired the series "Lost and Found Sound"). A few of the original sound files samples, etc. could not be posted - as there are now some licensing issues we just don't care to deal with.

However - most every thing else is on line - most of the newsletters are present - containing radio collecting and repair articles, etc. Some of these have been copied (some with permission, some not) and posted to other club's sites - but not all of them. Here is an opportunity to get them all. Enjoy your visit!

Randy Guttery, (former) President MHR&BS


Since there are zillions of pictures of radios and related memorabilia of all kinds available in print as well as here on the web - we considered what we might present that would be different and perhaps a bit more interesting than just another picture gallery. With this is mind - we have put together a gallery tour that presents the interest, collection pieces and work of various members - taking the opportunity - where appropriate - to relate some of the history and events that are associated with some of the exhibits - especially when viewed from a "Mississippi" perspective. We hope you enjoy your visit.

North Wing
Mississippi's early radios
Battery and crystal Sets.

East Wing
Redneck Radios:
Mississippi and the Golden Years of Radio

Sears and
Western Auto

Golden Age of Radio Part One:
1930 - 1941

South Wing
Radio and WWII
War's grip is felt even in the Heart of Dixie

Golden Age of Radio Part Two:
1941 - 1950

West Wing
Modern radios and Tubes;
Test Equipment
and odds and ends.

Did We Mention that Meridian is Jimmie Rogers' Birthplace?

The Work Shop

Construction Projects,
Hints, Tips, and other "stuff"

Newsletter archives

(Under construction, Watch Your Step!)

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